A Jewish Law in One Minute

"One Min Halacha"
By HaRav Yosef-Yeshaya Braun
member of the 3-man Lubavitch rabbinical court of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

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Law #w01: "Must I pay the babysitter before she leaves, or may I delay a day or week?" July 11, 2016 Law #s01: "Can a non-Jew do work for me on Shabbos?"
Law #w02: "So many people ask for Tzedakah (charity); must I give to all of them?" July 18 Law #s02: "I forgot to light the candles for Shabbat last Friday afternoon. What can I do?"
Law #w03: "If I tell others a vendor is extra expensive, is this forbidden gossip?" July 25 Law #s03: "Is there a preferred time for me to make Kiddush on Friday evening?"
Law #w04: "What time am I supposed to get up in the morning?" August 1 Law #s04: "At my son's bar-mitzvah, can he, I, his older brother, and both grandfathers all have aliyot?"
Law #w05: "What must I do with a Found Object if I can't ascertain who is the owner?" August 8 Law #s05: "Must I recite Blessings-After-Meals in the same place that I ate?"
Law #w06:"If a Jew is imprisoned for theft, is it a mitzvah to try to get him released?" August 15 Law #s06: "Must I really say 100 blessings on Shabbat? How is it even possible to do so?"
Law #w07: "So many people ask for charity; must I give to all of them?" (w02 cont'd) August 22 Law #s07: "Is it true that some kinds of gifts can't be given on Shabbat? Which ones?"
Law #w08: "Is there any problem about doing ultrasound exams during pregnancy?" Sept. 5 Law #s08: "May a bar-mitzvah son or bat-mitzvah daughter make Kiddush for their mother?"
Law #w09: "May I inquire about a price of a product in a store if I have no intention to buy it?" Sept. 12 Law #s09: "After the blesser eats a piece of the challah, how should he distribute to the others?"
Law #w10: "Does Jewish Law have anything to say about the practice of meditation?" Sept. 19 Law #s10: "What gifts may guests give on Shabbat other than a bottle of drink?"
Law #w11: "Can I buy a cup of coffee in a coffee shop without a kashrut certificate?" Sept. 26 Law #s11: "Is it necessary to fill the cup of Havdalah until the wine spills over? Is that not a waste?"


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