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Nov. 13 Chasidut/Kabbalah: Essay on this week's Torah reading by Rabbi Shaul Leiter, Director of Ascent
Nov. 13 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "Yaakov vs. Esau in Kabbalah" (Toldot)
Nov. 13 Chasidut/Kabbalah: MORE on this week's Torah Reading, Toldot, from Kabbalah sages and chasidic masters, and on
Nov. 13 Chassidic/Kabbalah Stories from R. Yerachmiel Tilles -- Year #21, Story #1040 (featuring: the Litman Family)
Oct. 23 Life at Ascent: The CURRENT Jewish Month: Mar-CHESHVAN 5778 (starts after sunset on Thursday night, Oct. 20)
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  "Saturday Night, Full Moon" (vol. 1) and "Festivals of the Full Moon" (vol. 2) available for purchase through ASCENT online and in Tsfat, the publisher in Jerusalem (Koren), Jewish bookstores internationally, and on Amazon in both hardcover and Kindle editions
FULLY RENNOVATED, EXTRA BEAUTIFUL, - a project of Ascent-of-Safed
  Excerpts from 5 reviews of "Saturday Night, Full Moon" by Yerachmiel Tilles, the Ascent storyteller. [extract]
Nov. 20 Life at Ascent: The CURRENT Jewish Month: KISLEV 5778 (starts after sunset on Saturday night, Nov. 18)
Nov. 20 Chassidic/Kabbalah Stories from R. Yerachmiel Tilles -- Year #21, Story #1041 (featuring: Transplant difficulties)
Nov. 27 UPCOMING Jewish Holiday: CHANUKAH 5778
Nov. 27 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "Dreams and Visions" (Vayetzei)
Nov. 27 Chassidic/Kabbalah Stories from R. Yerachmiel Tilles -- Year #21, Story #1042 (featuring: Mitler Rebbe, Tzemach Tzedek, & holy Rhizener)
Dec. 4 UPCOMING Jewish Holiday: Yud-Tet Kislev 5778
Recent features and selected Oldies but Goodies -- a sampling
Oct. 30 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "The First Jewish Delicatessen" (Vayera)
Oct. 30 Chassidic/Kabbalah Stories Archives: Story Bios Index now with connected story numbers! - updated
Oct. 23 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "Leaving Home" (Lech - Zohar)
Oct. 16 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "Kabbala and the Mitzvot for Gentiles" (Noah)
Oct. 9 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "The Female Adam" (Bereshis - Apter)
Oct. 9 CURRENT Jewish Holiday: Simchat Torah 5778
Oct. 2 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "A Delivery to the Nations" (Bat Ayin - Sukkot)
Oct. 2 Jews and Sports: "Israel Tennis Champ Quits in Middle of Match for Yom Kippur"
Sep. 25 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "Uttering THE Name" (Yom Kippur)
Sep. 17 Chasidut/Kabbalah: ""What is a Soul" - (ROSH HASHANA - Chassidic Masters series)"
Aug. 14 Current Events: "World's Oldest Man (an Orthodox Jew in Haifa) dies at almost 114"
July 24 Kabbalah: "Yahrzeit of the Holy Ari"
July 24 Kabbalah: Teachings of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (the "Arizal")
July 17

Life at Ascent: Yahrzeit of the Ramak

June 26 The Lubavitcher Rebbe - 23rd yahrzeit: A Brief Biography
May 8 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "The Lag B'Omer Departure of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai" (Lag b'Omer)
May 1 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "Getting Paid on Time" (Kedoshim - Arizal)
Jan 16

Q: "Why do religious people always answer, 'Thank G-d,' no matter what you ask them? It is so predictable and boring, it discourages talking to them."


Dec. 18 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "A Tale of Two Stories" (Yud-Tes Kislev)
Oct. 5 Jewish Laws in One Minute: If you have been following this series and would like it to be continued, click here.
Aug. 22 Safed Shuls: List of active synagogues in Zefat Old City - UPDATED!
Aug. 1 Ascent's 'Kosher Humor': "A Nice Cup of Coffee"
June 27 Holy Sites: In the Valley of Love
June 27 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "Praying at Ancestral Graves" (Shelach)
June 14 Jews and Sports: "Chabad Rabbi Climbs Mt. Everest in Full Chassidic Regalia!"
May 16 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "Lag b'Omer in Meron"
Mar.28 Life at Ascent: University of Haifa student review of Ascent
Feb. 1 Life at Ascent: short video clip from our 33rd annual Tu bShvat Seder
Jan. 11
Dec. 7
Kabbalah/Chasidut: "From Sinai to the Internet" (Chanukah)
Chasidut/Kabbalah: "Kabbalah Soul Music"
Oct. 19
Chasidut/Kabbalah: "The Thirteenth Gate of Prayer"
Sept. 7 SPECIAL FEATURE: "The Kabbalah of Coffee"
August 10 Prayer: "Lecha Dodi": Original rhyming translation and commentary.
July 28

Kabbalah/Chasidut: "Holy Ari - Basic Teachings"

June 16 5-STAR REVIEW on for the Kindle edition of
"Saturday Night, Full Moon" by Yerachmiel Tilles,
the Ascent storyteller.[preview]
May 26 RAVE REVIEW by Yanki Tauber for "Saturday Night, Full Moon" by Yerachmiel Tilles, the Ascent storyteller.
Available for purchase in Tzfat through ASCENT, or else from the publisher
in Jerusalem. [preview]
July 22 Life at Ascent: Shabbat Experience in Mystical Tzefat (improved)
May 6 Chassidic/Kabbalah Stories -- AMAZING 'Lag b'Omer Miracle in Meron' story with CORRECTED AUDIO LINK
May 6 Chassidic/Kabbalah Stories -- Another amazing story with CORRECTED AUDIO LINK
Oct. 29 Shoot!: The ASCENT Question & Answer Forum menu (updated: "Jewish Yoga?"--at Beliefs #15)
Oct. 9
Kabbalah/Chasidut: "The Female Adam"
Sep. 3 Ascent Studies: Links page (updated)
June 11 Sages of Safed: Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel (Amuka) as explained by the Baal Shem Tov!
Mar. 19 Torah and Science: Global Ecology
Feb. 27 Kabbalah: "What is Kabbalah and Why?" -- more definitions
Jan. 22 Era of Moshiach - "Moshiach and the Moon"
Jan. 22 Prayer: Morning Blessing #17 - Women's perspective
Jan. 2 Life at Ascent: "Friend Brings Friend" campaign
Aug. 15 Life at Ascent: Ascent's First Thirty Years (updated)
June 13 Kabbalah/Chasidut: "Recommended Reading List" (corrected)
  Life at Ascent: Original, unique, breathtaking Kabbalah Exhibit
  Life at Ascent: Map to Ascent from the Central Bus Station (now GPS compatible!)
  Life at Ascent: Your Personal Torah Code (updates, upgrades and new offers)
  Life at Ascent: Seminar Reviews (updated)
  Life at Ascent: SUMMER DAILY Schedule (REVISED!)
  Life at Ascent: Library/Media Center (updated)
  Life at Ascent: 30th annual Safed Klezmer Festival (Ascent schedule w' Festival schedule) August 22-24. 2017
  Life at Ascent: What is Ascent? (updated)
  Life at Ascent: Contact us (updated)
  Life at Ascent: Ulpan (updated)
  Ascent Studies: Links page (updated)
  Sages of Safed: An expanded list
  Prayer: Annual Blessing on Blossoming Fruit Trees (month of Nisan)
  Ascent Studies: Free E-subscriptions (updated)
  Ascent Studies: Surf & Learn -- Just like from our Visitor's Lounge here in Tsfat
  Kosher Humor: Ascent "Kosher Humor" archives open for the merry month of Adar only
  Life at Ascent: short video clip from our 33rd annual Tu bShvat Seder
  "One Shabbat, One World" International Shabbaton - Feb. 3-4
  Farbrengen with BIG MO in L.A. (more information)
  Ascent on the Road!: TWO Reunion Shabboses in L.A. with BIG Mo
  Upcoming Jewish Festival: "New Moon of Nissan"
  Prayer: "Lecha Dodi": Original rhyming translation and commentary.
  Pirkei Avot: Chapter 1 -- Mystical Insights into Rabbinical Ethics
Kabbalah: "The Lag B'Omer Departure of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai" (Lag B'Omer)
Kabbalah: "Deeds of Kindness with Mystical Intentions" (-Ramak)
Kabbalah: Kitvei Arizal - the Writings of the Holy Ari
  The Lubavitcher Rebbe - 20th yahrzeit: A Brief Biography
  A personal story with The Lubavitcher Rebbe from one of Ascent's founders
  Chassidic/Kabbalah Stories -- Tuesday of this week (Kislev 12) is the 185th yahrzeit of the Avritcher Rebbe of Tsfat, author of the mystical Torah book, "Bat Ayin"
5777 Chasidut/Kabbalah: "For a Full Month" (KiTeitze, Elul - Ohr HaChayim)

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