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July 22, 2019: "Vaccines and Doctor Mistakes"


April 8, 2019: Israel's Kosher Moon Launch, continued

February 25, 2019: Israel's Moon Launch...with Tanach disk

July 23, 2018: Kotel Crash After Tisha b'Av

June 18, 2018: "Argentinian National Football Team Cursed Because of Jerusalem Cancellation!"

May 7, 2018: Kabbalah & Korea - Part 1,  +  Part 2

Selected Archives




A Lesson From Nine-Eleven Talmud Study in Korea Daniel Tragerman(age 4) of Blessed Memory
Kosher in Northern Alabama
Chinese Organ Transplants "From Gaza to Safed and Back"
Jimmy Carter, An Unwilling Bilaam
A Preventive Cure for Aids "The Muslim King and the Jews"
Traffic Jam in New Jersey
At the Nobel Awards Honey and Cell Phones in the Holy Land
Tisha B'Av at the Democratic Convention 9-11: Chasidic Prediction of the Tsunami, Sixty Years Ago Safed Police Open Synagogue With Recovered Torah Scroll!
What Happened to the 10? Report from Phuket, Thailand Kosher Kabbalah for Non-Jews?
A Soldier's Boots (9/11): Chabad on the terrorist attack against the USA Shofar in Saddam's Palace Sweetening the Judgments on Jerusalem
Priestly Misconduct
Pesach Seder in Iraq Modern Judaism
Bill Gates is Exploring Talmud! A Divine Wind in Iraq A Haredi Hit Movie
Judah Maccabee at West Point
A Letter From Sweden Expulsion from Gaza according to Kabbalah

The Torah and the Newspaper

A New Shul in a Muslim Country The Expulsion from North Shomron according to Kabbalah
The Day the World Changed (Vayelech, 9/11) "Putin's Surprising Jewish Connection" The Left Wing and Right Wing Agree!
Standing up to a Superpower (Lech Lecha) "Google Meets and Maps the Baal Shem Tov!" Rav Kaduri: After the Sharon Government...
Peace Through Strength (Pinchas)

Reactions to the Mumbai Massacre

Abu Mazen and Safed
Leadership Heritage (Chukat) From Modia Roadmap to Where?
The Power of Commitment (Baha'alotecha) from the sister of Rivka Holtzberg in Tsfat Ilan Ramon of blessed memory
Jerusalem Day (Bamidbar) from Chabad -- a link to four videos The Jewish Way to War (photo)
Devorah the Judge (Beshalach) "Ascent and the Mumbai Massacre": update The Jews and Hebron
Brother Esau, Cousin Ishmael (Vayishlach)

2006: The War

Jewish War Policy
Seeing and Believing (Chaye Sarah)

July 17: Bombed in Zefat! - an Ascent staff member's report The Real Palestinians
  July 19: House of Director of Ascent damaged by terrorist rocket (expanded) Don't Worry, Mr. Bush

South America

August 7: The Elephant in the Room, the War, and the Saintly Ari Arab Peace Movement
"Sinkhole in Guatemala City a few days before parshat Korach!" -- An almost unbelievable, yet corraborated photo from the time of year of this Torah reading. August 10: A Kabbalistic View of Israel’s War with Hizbullah Upset with the Jews, As Usual The Truth From Oklahoma
  August 10: The Mystical Secret Behind the Attack on Safed and the North Stop Deceiving the Arabs!
  August 11: Ascent War Campaigns in the North and South
That S...ty Little Country
  September 6: A Kabbalistic View on How to Prevent War Dr Laz in Israel and On Israel
Mystical Lessons from the Solar Eclipse   The Sabbath and the Kibbutz
    Religious Persecution in Jerusalem
    A Haredi Hit Movie











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