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As told by Yerachmiel Tilles,
co-founder and first educational director of Ascent-of-Safed, originator and maintainer of this website, and managing editor of Kabbala Online. He has hundreds of published stories in many venues and in (at least) a half dozen languages. He tells them live in Tsfat (Safed) nearly every week, at his home on Friday evenings and at Ascent on Saturday nights.

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The Lubavitcher Rebbe and the Polio Epidemic

They told the Lubavitcher Rebbe what my prognosis was. The Rebbe just made a dismissive gesture with his hand. "He'll outlive the doctor," he declared.

Connection:s (2): Seasonal -- the 118th anniversary of the birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on Saturday night - Sunday, 11 Nissan 5780 (April 5). Topical: An epidemic story for the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic, which will fade away very soon, G-d willing





The Holy Slop Bucket

The Rebbe Elimelech, with tears in his eyes, told his brother Rebbe Zusha, "This will be the first day in my life in which I will not have the opportunity to pray."

Connection: Topical -- the Wuhan-China / Corona Virus restrictions on Judaism

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New Jews from Transylvania

What could do they do to us? Put us in jail? Our ancestors had also been imprisoned. Maybe we would be forced into the very same cells.'

Connections (3): Seasonal-Passover is mentioned in the story once (briefly)
Weekly Reading of Shemini-Keeping Kosher is mentioned in the story once (briefly)
Weekly Reading begins "On the eighth day"-Circumcision is a theme in the story.


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