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As told by Yerachmiel Tilles,
co-founder and first educational director of Ascent-of-Safed, originator and maintainer of this website, and managing editor of Kabbala Online. He has hundreds of published stories in many venues and in (at least) a half dozen languages. He tells them live in Tsfat (Safed) nearly every week, at his home on Friday evenings and at Ascent on Saturday nights.
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"The Death Camp Matzah Squad"

Two Chabad chasidim, one Belz and the Klausenburger Rebbe had the bravery and presence of mind to secure wheat and bake matzah amidst the oppression and abysmal suffering.

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LAST week's Story


"From Bleached-Blond Princess to Queen Mother"

My name was not only designed to sound non-Jewish, but was carefully calibrated to look symmetrical up on the marquee. By age 3, I was already competing in beauty pageants.

Connection: This week we read the last sections of Shmot (Book of Exodus), which concludes with a reckoning and detailed accounting of all that was invested in fulfilling G-d's commandment to build the Sanctuary, the predecessor to the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem nearly one thousand years later. Similarly G-d expects each of us to do a periodic spiritual account and reckoning, such as described in this story.

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"The Rock & Roll Promoter who demaned answers from the Rebbe"

In my early twenties, I was invited to travel with the Rolling Stones on a concert tour; I saw more depraved human behavior than most people will ever see in a lifetime.

Connection: This Saturday night-Sunday, the 11th of the Jewish month of Nissan (this year: April 2), is the anniversary of the birth in 1902 of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem-Mendel Schneerson.



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