ASCENT is located in the ancient Holy City of Tsfat, the capital of the Galilee, in northern Israel. The north is quieter, greener and more relaxed than the densely populated center of the country. Steeped in history and relatively undeveloped, the north is a place to explore Jewish roots and experience the beauty of nature in modern Israel.

Northern Israel is divided into two distinct regions, the Galilee and the Golan Heights, stretching from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on the west to the Jordan River complex and the mountains of the Golan on the east; from Mount Hermon in the North to Lake Kinneret (the ancient Sea of Galilee) and the fertile Jezreel valley below.

The Galilee hosts the richest and most varied plant life in Israel, from diverse forests to vast meadows of wildflowers. Small wildlife is abundant, and many species of birds of both European and African species have migratory flight paths over this region. National Parks include archeological excavations and nature preserves throughout the region. Well marked hiking trails abound and several guidebooks are available in English. ASCENT offers guided hikes through nearby river valley Amud, van tours of the Golan Heights, and will help you with arrangements for fun local activities such as rafting the Jordan River complex, horseback riding, a cruise on Lake Kinneret out of Tiberias, jeep tours and guided tours of surrounding cities and nature preserves.

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