Ascent Accomodations

The Hostel

ASCENT OF SAFED was founded in 1983. It has been located since 1990 in a former hotel building in the picturesque old city of Tsfat. It contains 31 rooms and 75 beds. Just in the last year or two there have been significant renovations and additions to the above. Read about them and see photos here.


In the summer, breakfast is provided daily. During the rest of the year, food is served only on Shabbat and during the special monthly seminars, or catered by special arrangement.


During the summer, walking tours of Tsfat, hikes in the Galilee, and van tours of the Golan Heights are offered a few times a week, including several for free. During the rest of the year, they take place during seminars and by pre-arrangement for groups of six or more.

Shabbat Hospitality

Before each Shabbat and major Jewish Holiday, it is possible, by pre-arrangement, to be a guest for the festive evening and morning meals with friendly, English-speaking local families. The Third Meal is enjoyed together at Ascent by all the guests and members of the Ascent staff. Please bring appropriate clothing for shuls and for meals with families.


For groups: contact Doron Haggi

For individuals: please go to to fill out our reservation form
or call our office directly.

For further information and reservations, office hours are Sunday-Thursday: 9am-1:30pm, 4:30pm-9; Friday: 9am-4pm; Saturday: 7:00-9:00pm. Our toll free number from within Israel is: 1-800 30-40-70 or 04 692-1364. [From outside of Israel, substitute 972 for the initial 0.]

All reservations require confirmation from our office in Safed. We will respond, G-d willing, within 48 hours.

You can earn up to 20 shekels a day in rebates for weekday class attendance.
[On Shabbat there are no rebates, but there is no extra charge for all meal placements.]


How to get to Zefat from within Israel

How to get to Ascent from the Central Bus Station and other locations within Zefat

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