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"I read each story in Saturday Night, Full Moon with an open mind, and learned much from them….The book is filled with richness and depth….Yerachmiel Michael Tilles brings life to the reader through his writing."
5-star review on by Lorri M.

You don't have to be chasidic to love chasidic stories. Saturday Night, Full Moon by master story teller Yerachmiel Michael Tilles is a mystically intoxicating, contemporary collection.
Rivkah Lambert Adler - //

Saturday Night, Full Moon, is a lovely compilation….Each chapter has messages to make life better for us….The stories are beautifully written and can be read or repeated at various sorts of occasions, or just read quietly to give comfort or good ideas….This first volume of Rabbi Tilles' stories is certain to become an oft-turned-to family treasure. Highly recommended.
Batya Medad - //

Even if you haven't had the privilege of listening to the expert story telling of Yerachmiel Tilles on a Saturday night in Tsefat at Ascent, "Saturday Night, Full Moon" will give you a taste of why the author has a justified reputation as one of the greatest and most inspirational Jewish story writer/teller of today.
Daniel Keren - "The Jewish Connection" (//

With Saturday Night, Full Moon, Yerachmiel Tilles has produced a rare gem: an original English work in the tradition of the great masters of the Chasidic story. The voice and atmosphere is that of classic Chasid storytelling. Indeed, Tilles may well have invented a new genre--the Kabbalistic-Chasidic Story--whose enchanting blend of spiritual aromas may well explain why a new Tilles tale in the e-mail inbox is such a weekly delight for his thousands of subscribers. This is a work that is sure to become a classic of modern Chasidic literature.
Yanki Tauber - former chief content editor of // (read entire review)

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