Personal Kabbalistic Torah Codes

Your name coded in the Torah...and its significance!

[Developed in the Ascent "Jewish Library and Media Center"]

Fill out this form with:

* your name, preferably your Hebrew-Jewish one
* the date and (if known) approximate hour of your birth, as well as the country of birth
* (or the names of a couple and the date of the wedding)
* a donation per name (a double name such as Yosef Chaim = the cost of 2 names, if you want both)
* your email or shipping address

and we will send you:

  • a printout of the verses containing the letters of your Hebrew name(s) as encoded in the Torah Reading of your Jewish birthday (or wedding)

  • your name highlighted in a matrix of those verses

  • the name and chapter-verse referents of the Torah Reading of your birth (or wedding)

  • A portrait photo can also be included if you send it in .jpg format

  • Interpretation can also be included

This package is a pleasing and exciting present for bar/bat mitzvahs,
as well as for birthdays, engagements and weddings.

For more detailed information of the various packages offered and/or for payment, please visit our sister website: Kabbala Online Shop

or else by check or money order to one of the following addresses.

Guests at the Ascent Center in Tsfat receive a 50% discount for all of the above.

Read here for a full explanation before ordering or write us for more information.

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