Shabbat Laws

Translated/adapted from "A Summary of the Shabbat Laws" (published by Machon Ohaley Shem)
Laws 1-6:  Preparing for Shabbat
Laws 7-17: Work by a non-Jew on and before Shabbat
Laws 18-21: Travelling in the days before Shabbat
Laws 22-24: Erev Shabbat Meals
Laws 25-28: Preparing Shabbat Meals
Laws 29-33: Working on Fridays
Laws 34-39: Final preparations
Laws 40-47:  Putting food back on the heatsource on Shabbat
Laws 48-53:  Honoring Shabbat
Laws 54-73:      Lighting Candles
Laws 74-80:      Prohibited Carrying
Laws 81-99:      Shabbat Evening Prayers
Laws 100-145      Kiddush
Laws 146-166 Shabbat Meals
Laws 167-169 By the Light of the Candles
Laws 170-187 Work by a Gentile
Laws 188-195 Muktzeh (objects forbidden to move on Shabbat)
Laws 196-219 Shabbat Day Prayers and Torah Reading
Laws 220-240

Shabbat Aternoon: Mincha and Third Meal

Laws 240-249

Saturday Night


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