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By Lorri M.

What is there not to enjoy while gaining new insight from reading Saturday Night, Full Moon: Intriguing Stories of Kabbala Sages, Chasidic Masters and Other Jewish Heroes! I read each story with an open mind, and learned much from them. The Masters and Sages have a lot to tell us, and educate us in regards to Jewish life, mysticism, and Jewish study.

The varied stories bring the reader a foundation from which to build upon in their own life. The stories also give us much to ponder and much to question, regarding our own theories and thoughts. We can learn from the Masters and Sages of old, and learn from the more modern outlook regarding Judaism and religious practice. The book is filled with richness and depth. Within the pages one can read specific topics, read about specific individuals, and read specific verses. It is all there, concise and illuminating within the pages.

Safed, Israel, has long been known as a mystical outpost, with mystical outpourings, daily. Yerachmiel Michael Tilles brings life to the reader through his writing. He writes of mysticism in a way that those who have not read about it can learn the basic philosophies in a clear manner.Mazal Tov to him!


Yanki Tauber Rivkah Lambert Adler Batya Medad Daniel Keren

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