From the Klezmer FestivalAscent Special Events 5774 (2013-14)

All Weekend-Retreats include study of mystical texts, and are in English unless otherwise specified.

In the summer there is a FREE walking tour of Tsfat each Mon, Wed, Fri (minimum: 4 adults); and a FREE ½ day nature hike each Sunday (minimum: 6 adults).

For Shabbat meals with families on weekends when there is no seminar, please submit our Online Reservation Form by Tuesday or telephone to pre-register no later than Thursday. Better yet, try to come by Thursday night for a much fuller experience.

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October 2013
4-5 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
11-13 Shabbat Getaway: "Shabbat Discovery" (reservations, more information)
18-19 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
25-26 Weekend-Retreat: "Kabbalah & Astrology" (reservations, more information)
November 2013
Oct. 31- Nov. 3 Students' Extended Weekend (reservations, more information)
Hike, Art, Music, Tour of Tzfat, Kabbala & Jewish Mysticism, Meet students from all around the world!

Weekend-Retreat: "Healing & Meditation" (reservations, more information)

22-23 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
Wed. pm - Sat. night

First Four Lights of Chanukah (reservations, more information)
Includes Shabbat Chanukah, Thursday arrival also possible

December 2013
1-5 Last Four Lights of Chanukah (all or part: reservations, more information)
6-8 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
13-15 Weekend-Retreat: "Jewish Meditation" (reservations, more information)
20-22 Shabbat Getaway: "Shabbat Discovery" (reservations)
26-29 Students' Extended Weekend (reservations, more information)
Hike, Art, Music, Tour of Tzfat, Kabbala & Jewish Mysticism, Meet students from all around the world!
January 2014
3-5 Weekend-Retreat: "Kabbalah & Psychology" (reservations, more information)
10-12 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
15 Life at Ascent: Tu b'Shvat Seder (reservations, more information on Tu b'Shvat and the Seder)
16-18 Special Annual Retreat: "TU b'SHVAT: the New Year for Fruit Trees in Israel" (reservations, more information)
24-26 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
February 2014
Jan. 31 - Feb. 2 Shabbat Discovery (reservations, more information)
Hike, Art, Music, Tour of Tzfat, Kabbala & Jewish Mysticism, Meet travelers from all around the world!
7-9 Shabbat Getaway: (theme) "The Inner Temple" (reservations)
14-16 Shabbat Getaway: (theme) "The Keys to Happiness" (reservations, more information)
21-23 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
March 2014
Feb. 27 - Mar. 2 Weekend-Retreat : "The Musical and the Mystical" (reservations, more information)
7-9 Shabbat Getaway: (theme) "Jewish Astrology " (reservations)
13-16 Extended Weekend-Retreat: Shabbat + PURIM BLAST
21-23 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
28-30 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
April 2014
3-5 Weekend-Retreat: "Lone Soldiers and Foreign Students" (reservations, more information)
11-13 Shabbat Getaway (reservations) "Passover Prep"
14-16 First Days of Pesach (reservations)
16-20 Middle Days of Pesach, including Shabbat (reservations)
20-22 Final Days of Pesach (reservations)
25-27 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
May 2014
2-4 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
9-11 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "The Keys to Happiness" (reservations)
16-18 Weekend-Retreat: "LAG B'OMER in Tsfat & Meron (reservations, more information)
23-24 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
30-31-June 1 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "Meditations on Sinai" (reservations)
June 2014  
3-5 Holiday-Retreat: "SHAVUOT High on the Mountain" (reservations, more information)
6-8 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "Inner Unity " (reservations)
13-15 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "Kabbalah & Psychology " (reservations)
20-22 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
26-29 Weekend-Retreat: "VALLEY OF LOVE" (reservations, more information)
July 2014  
June 25 - August 17 Once again, Rabbi Shlomo & Mrs Olivia Schwartz will be living on the Ascent premises as Summer-Scholars-in-Residence
4-6 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "Jewish Leadership" (reservations)
10-13 Weekend-Retreat: "HEALING & MEDITATION" (reservations, more information)
18-20 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
25-27 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "Jewish Astrology" (reservations)
August 2014  
1-3 Weekend-Retreat: "MEET THE KABBALISTS" (reservations, more information)
8-10 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "Inner Unity " (reservations)
15-17 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
18-20 "27th Annual Safed Klezmer Music Festival"
21-24 Weekend-Retreat: "THE CREATIVE JOURNEY" (reservations, more information)
29-31 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "Gateway to the New Year" (reservations)
September 2014
5-7 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "Jewish Leadership" (reservations)
12-14 Shabbat Getaway (theme) "Kabbalah & Psychology " (reservations)
19-21 Shabbat Getaway (reservations)
24-28 Holiday-Retreat: "ROSH HASHANA 5775" (reservations, more information)


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