Jimmy Carter, An Unwilling Bilaam

by David Bedein


[Jimmy Carter qualifies for the role of Bilaam in our generation, because the biblical Bilaam spoke blessings instead of curses with clear unintentionality, even though he did have a belief in God.

On the day of the Carter visit, I called Etzion Mayor Shaul Goldstein, in my capacity as the head of Israel Resource News Agency, which often accompanies reporters to Judea, to ask if there would be a possibility for reporters to ask Carter some questions after the visit.

Goldstein politely explained that the ground rules of the visit were that there would be NO press conference after the visit of Jimmy in his home.

As a result, our agency advised the press that there would only be a photo op after the visit.

Whatever occurred during the visit apparently affected Carter.

Reporters did not expect Carter to say anything.

One cameraman mentioned, however, that as soon as Carter saw the TV cameras when he left the Goldstein home, he hurried directly them and initiated his statement that gave a blessing to the Jewish community of Neve Daniel in Gush Etzion, that it should forever be a part of the state of Israel.

Neve Daniel is the highest place in the land of Israel. Neve Daniel, from where the naked eye can view Gaza, and imagine Goliath approaching...from where you can turn your neck and view the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Jimmy Carter is a believing Christian. His belief in "middle east peace" stems from that belief. When he stood on high in Neve Daniel, something turned that belief to cause him to praise the people of Judea instead of burying them


From "Israel Behind the News" <newsletter@israelbehindthenews.com>, June 21, 2009

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