Ein Tina

by Moshe Friedman

Here is a trip that was made especially for the summer. The site is called Ein Tina and it is appropriate for families with children from 10 and older. There is no admittance fee.

Drive along Road 90 from Rosh Pina and turn right on Road 91 (east) at Zomet Machanayim. There is a gas station if you need a place for a rest stop. As you drive northeast across the Hula Valley, you will pass Kibbutz Machanayim on your right. After about 3.5 km you pass Kibbutz Mishmar HaYarden on your left as you follow the road taking a gentle turn to your right. Continue about 7 km (from Zomet Machanayim) until you see a sign on your right pointing left to Kibbutz Gadot. Do not turn here.

Take the second turn to the left (north) onto Road 918. This road takes you past the Jordan River Rafting on your right (east) across a rickety bridge over the Jordan River. Continue driving north along a beautiful tree-lined road until you see a green post with numbers on the right (eastern) side of the road. Between km. 23 and 24, just before the overpass over a water channel, there is a turnoff onto a dirt road.

If you are in a private car, drive along this road for about 300 meters and then park your car by the small pond. At this point the hike begins. If you stand with your back in the direction of the road, you are facing east. Turn left (north) and start walking. As you continue along a rocky path over a small spring, you'll most probably be walking past mint bushes. Keep going north. There are no real paths here but eventually you get to a group of fig trees. Walking between and sometimes under these trees, you continue walking up a steep narrow path through flowing water. Within 4-5 min. of walking you will reach a large pipe that has water flowing out of it.

This is Ein Tina. The various springs here have all been redirected so they flow through this large pipe. After enjoying the spring, turn right (east) and start heading back down. Once again you will be walking through a beautiful forest of fig trees. If any of them are ripe you can eat them picked straight from the tree. Notice the many interesting shapes the roots of the trees have taken during their growth. After approximately five minutes of descending, you will reach the rocky path you initially started up. From here it's two minutes back to the pond and your car.

This hike can be taken in reverse order as well. The hike takes about ten minutes of walking. During the warm weather it is pleasant to get wet at Ein Tina. I have done it with my family. Our ten year old found it great fun. Enjoy.

Based on an article in the Safed "Western Settlers' Newsletter." Moshe Friedman is a certified tour guide and medic. Email: friedman@kinneret.co.il; cell phone: 050-417651.

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