Compassion and Light

Free translation of a discourse by
the Lubavitcher Rebbe,
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Shabbat Re'eh 5739-1979

by Rabbi David Rothschild


In "Compassion and Light" the Lubavitcher Rebbe analyzes the unique Divine Power present during the month of Elul. This is an auspicious time, when one is empowered to correct a full year's worth of improper Divine service.

But what makes Elul so powerful? Starting on its first day, G-d's Thirteen Attributes of Compassion shine forth.

What is the nature of their revelation? Are they illuminated in varying degrees of intensity? Can parables convey their secrets?

Drawing on verses from the Bible, passages from Midrash, Talmud, Zohar, Kabbala, and Chassidus, the Rebbe delves into the operative methodology of the Thirteen Attributes and their effect.

We learn, for example, that on Yom Kipur the Thirteen Attributes of Compassion descend in full revelation. And conversely, in Elul their mere radiation shines. Yet a remarkable phenomenon exists. Within their reflected Light illumes the Infinite One (Ein Sof). How is this possible?

These teachings apply to those seeking G-d. But what can be said of those who find themselves in a lowly spiritual state, in a condition described by Isaiah as, "lost in the land of Assyria?" But how did they get there? And how can they escape?

We learn that people are misled by a "spirit of folly." This incitement can be compared to insanity. As the Talmud codifies, "Who is insane? He, who loses everything which is given to him."

How this does apply to us? What can we do?

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Full text is 2700 words approx.


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