Expulsion from Gaza According to Kabbala


By Nechama Sarah Gila


Israel needs emergency healing! The symptoms we are suffering are clear -self destruction!
The Torah simply states over and over again that the land of Israel was given by G-d to the people of Israel. "And it shall be when you come into the land which the Eternal thy G-d has given to you for an inheritance. (Deuteronomy 26:1). We were not told to negotiate the land.

However, today our own leaders are prepared, in a fascist manner, to immediately expel our fellow Jews from their homes and communities, built on the land we were given by G-d and hand it over to an enemy that has vowed our total destruction. There is a serious neurological malfunction here reflected in the gap between the Torah and the deranged perceptions of those in power and their supporters.

The Zohar, one of the most core books of the Kabbalah, states that Israel is the heart of the world and that the Jewish people are the heart of humanity. Yet, we are connected to all of humanity. Our wholeness is for the sake of the entire world. The Kaballah also uses the metaphor of Israel being the brain of the world.

Let's go more deeply into the spiritual anatomy of humankind. Gaza is part of the land inheritance of the tribe of Yehuda. Yehuda was the tribe of kings and according to the Kabbalah he is connected to the right leg of humanity. The right leg, in the peak of its physical and spiritual functions symbolizes assertion and clarity of where we stand, literally and figuratively.

A healthy right-leg stance reflects a commitment to live according to one's deepest integrity. Such integrity, which upholds the law of the utmost sensitivity and value of life-all life, is cultivated through the wisdom of the Torah. When our lives are an expression of the deepest values of the Torah we claim the right for all of us to live on the earthly plane with dignity and sensitivity to human life. But, first Israel needs to claim Yehuda's eternal inheritance in Gaza. The heart (or brain) must be intact in order to send healthy messages out to the rest of the body of humanity.

Right now, Israel, the heart/brain of humanity, is semi-conscious. She does not know who she really is and why she is really here. In this dark state, Israel is not only amputating her own right leg but the right-leg of all of humanity. Not only that, we are giving in to a population of hateful murderers whose venom seethes through the veins of terrorists who are infiltrating the entire globe. The richly developed farm and residential land is now being given to the Palestinians who are now being funded by wealthy self-hating Israeli Jews to develop hotels and casinos! Their money hunger is corrupting the land where wholesome Jewish communities, based on Torah values have been thriving.

The United States, still unconscious from the traumatic message of 9/11, is assisting in enforcing this deadly amputation of the right leg of all of humanity. Instead the U.S. is dealing peripherally with the problem by putting all her aggressions in Iraq.

The Torah says that we are a nation of priests, a light unto the nations. The majority of Jews today cringe at this expression and even scoff at the simple words of the Torah. Why do so many of us shun this role and choose to be self defeating- denying our spiritual mandate?

The Torah was given to us in seventy languages at Mt. Sinai. Israel is the people who preserve and carry out its precepts. We are not racists. Jews from all races can and do join our nation of priests. The righteous converts and B'nei Noah (righteous non-Jews who follow the seven Noahide commandments as prescribed by the Torah) remind those of us who carry the birthright that being a Jew is a serious responsibility.

We are commanded to live according to truth expressed through words, paradigms and metaphors that extract the collective psyche of mankind from the destructive -isms and philosophies which fragment humankind. The Torah leads us to the ultimate peace (shalom). "Shalom" has the same root in Hebrew as "shlemut" wholeness. When all pieces of the puzzle are in their proper place, when all of our limbs are intact, when all of Israel is in their inheritances, all of humanity will be healthy, whole and at peace.

Time is of essence! Israel and her true friends and supporters must act now! We each need to use our unique, G-d given talents to prevent this deadly disengagement, harmful to Israel and all of humanity. Please communicate the urgency of this message to whoever you can in the way you know best. We have been given free choice and the ability to stand for what is true and righteous. Do not fall into the illusion that tragedy which befalls on Israel is "G-d's will"! Express your stance. By so doing we may be able to save the right leg of Yehuda!


Nechama Burgeman is the authoress of The Twelve Dimensions of Israel and Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of the World (a Kabbalistic approach to an Enduring World Peace). Her website is www.NechamaSarahGila.com.



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