Expulsion from North Shomron According to Kabbala


The Trauma of Disengagment: Healing from Amputation
By Nechama Sarah Gila


Continuing the Kabbalistic metaphor as set forth in "Heal Israel," we are all in shock from the amputation of the 'right foot' of the people of Israel. Now the Shomron, the land inheritance of the tribe of Ephraim, connected to the gall bladder of the body of Israel, is being masochistically cut off.

According to the Kabbalah, the gall bladder is the organ that controls intercourse. Healthy relationships between individuals and nations depend on a strong gall bladder and the tribe of Ephraim rooted in our land.

How are we reacting to this self-imposed butchering? The shock of the disengagement is being met with many and varied reactions. There is a lot of confusion and seemingly contradictory responses. We may understand these responses in light of the different energies that make up our personality. As we embrace all aspects of our psyche we may individually, and as a people, respond in a wholesome and effective way so that we may not only assure our survival, but also regenerate an even more vital life force.

According to the Kabbalah, each individual is a composite of all twelve tribes. Each tribe responds to reality in a different way. Also, just as trauma affects each limb and organ of a body we may understand the complexity of responses to the crisis of disengagement. The more we explore these responses the better we are prepared to follow the course of action that is appropriate for our soul.

Dan, the tribe of judges is connected to the liver. According to the Kabbalah, the liver is the seat of "anger" from which a cry for truth and justice reverberates throughout the body of Israel, and throughout all of humanity.

When our liver is working at the height of its spiritual functioning we rectify our "anger". Throwing curses at each other and wanting to kill the offenders of true vision is a product of unrectified "anger". Rather, we use this powerful energy to restore justice and truth. This is a very healthy response. We maintain the vision that redemption depends on every Jew returning to his land inheritance.

Dan's response insures that we will reclaim the land that we tore ourselves from. We will not be at peace until this happens. When we are connected to our Creator we know that true justice, many times hidden, is ultimately being orchestrated. However, with the energy of Dan we do not passively accept mystical explanations of tragedy. Rather we act from the inner pulsations of truth and justice, which is in our very blood, reverberating throughout our liver.

The tribe of Benjamin was given the land inheritance of the site of the Temple in Jerusalem. Benjamin is the visionary within us and the visionaries amongst us. Through Benjamin's lenses we find comfort in knowing that all that has transpired is part of a larger Divine plan. We are always able to keep focused on G-d's promise of redemption through which all Jews will return to their land inheritance. Benjamin's perception of vision, faith and acceptance is one of twelve healthy responses. As we recover from trauma we must also embrace this perspective.

And so it is for each tribe, which genetically and spiritually exists in each one of us. A healthy organism will respond with a harmonious integration of all dimensions. If we only respond with vision and the acceptance that G-d is in everything and that all is
G-d's will, we may become sedated, inactive and impotent. So too, acting to restore truth and justice without the perspective of vision and faith may lead to unhealthy rage

Yissachar, the tribe of Torah scholars was consulted about the timing of events. The kings, who were from the tribe of Yehuda, consulted Yissachar about when to go to war as well as when to refrain.

Yehuda is our royal voice within. As the leader he defines us as a people, what eternal values we stand for and where we draw our borders on all levels.

Ephraim is the diplomatic negotiator. But, Ephraim detached from Yehuda compromises our borders. And, Yehuda without Ephraim lacks an understanding of how to relate to the world.

May we all restore our inner balance as we recover from the trauma of disengagement. We are one people with one heart. Just as each tribe needs the other to complete the body of Israel, so too each one of us must harmonize the seemingly contradictory voices within us as we tolerate each other's reactions. We made a covenant with G-d at Mt. Sinai: now, guided by the wisdom of the Torah, we will heal our imbalances.

Thus, when it is time, we will come to action in a united and integrated way both as individuals and as a people. We may then efficiently fill our role in guiding all of humanity towards redemption.



Nechama Burgeman is the authoress of The Twelve Dimensions of Israel and Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of the World (a Kabbalistic approach to an Enduring World Peace). Her website is www.NechamaSarahGila.com.



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