Contemplation Meditation

Based on Hayom Yom, Tamuz 20

There are three forms of Hitbon'nut (contemplation, meditation):

(a.) Study-meditation:
After mastering the concept thoroughly, one meditates on its profundity, until the intellectual element shines forth for him.

(b.) Meditation before davening:
This is directed toward sensing the vitality of the concept learned, in contrast to sensing the intellectual element emphasized in study-meditation.

(c.) Meditation in Davening:
To sense the "G-dly element" in the concept learned.

These three are rungs on the ladder of sensitivity. It is only by G-d's kindness towards us that we may occasionally sense G-dhood spontaneously, without any disciplined effort at all. This comes about by virtue of the quality of Ultimate Essential
G-dhood within the soul.

To achieve through one's own efforts, however, these three forms of meditation are essential.


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