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A. Tsfat (Safed) and Area

Tsfat Guide 1 Many nice photos and a variety of links. This private site is incomparably more complete than the official one of the municipality.
Tsfat Guide 2 Lots of interesting links and informational tidbits from Laurie Rappeport, who knows everyone and everything in Tsfat.
Tsfat Guide 3 An excellent resource page from the Tsfat Brezlavers.
Machon Alte All women's seminary in the Old City for studying Judaism and chasidut-chabad.
Temimei Darech New Chabad English-speaking men's yeshiva. Creative out-of-the-box staff. Its professional band plays every Friday
Shalom Rav Men's yeshiva with the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of old city Tsfat.
Tzadik Center A thrilling and educational model of the Third Temple, right around the corner from Ascent (actually, in the old Ascent building!)
"Tree of Life" prayer stand Designed and crafted by Ascent friend, Noah Greenberg If just one costs $54,000, it has to be worth looking at. At Ascent you can get a live demonstration.
Nehora Press Amanda Cohen is an author and lecturer on Kabbalah, particularly the "Sulam" commentary on the Zohar. Book and tapes available.
Simply Tsfat One of Tsfat's and Israel's most popular music groups. They started here in Ascent! (As did a number of others, including Aharon Raziel.)
Beirav The "official" Carlebach shul in Tsfat, and lively and fun not just on Friday nights.
Ora Gallery The work of veteran Tsfat artist Yaakov Kazcemacher, formerly known for his Jewish geometric canvesses, and now for his extraordinary photographs of Tsfat and chasidic life.
Kosmic Kabbalah David Friedman is a student, teacher and artist of Kabbalah, and occasional guest lecturer at Ascent.
Gallery of Mystical Art an exhibition of the works of Tzfat artist Avraham Loewenthal, contemporary paintings inspired by concepts from the Kabbala.
Moshe Chaim A mad artist and candle sculptor, with other talents too, Moshe-Chaim Gress did the graphic design for many Ascent posters and illustrated most of the Ascent Quarterly "Comix".
Sheva Chaya Sheva-Chaya Shaiman, a resident Tsfat artist.
Safed Experience Baruch-Emanuel Erdstein is a popular guide and Shabbat host in Safed, and an important contributor to
Tsfat Weather Including daily projections for fifteen days.

B. Kabbalah

Kabbala Online Produced by Ascent-of-Safed. One of the largest, most comprehensive and authoritative Kabbalah sites on the Web.
Gal Einai The site of the pre-eminent English-speaking Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh. A huge resource covering an enormous amount of mystical topics, both theoretical and applied.
Rabbi A. Sutton Rabbi Avraham Sutton Torah Learning Channel on YouTube
Fiftieth Gate Publishers of books and tapes on kabbala, chassidut and Jewish mysticism. The website also features interactive kabbala classes by tele-conference with Rabbi Moshe Miller, respected writer and translator.
Iyyun Writings and teachings of Rabbi DovBer Pinson, the dynamic head of the Iyyun Institute and the Jewish Learning Annex in Brooklyn. The sections on "Kabbalah" and "Holidays" are especially worthwhile, as are his four published books. Kosher translations of the Zohar into English. Classical source texts, kabbalistic music and videos, and an online study hall where people can discuss ideas and learn. Some but not total emphasis on the teachings of the holy Ari of Tsfat.
Torah Bits Rabbi Melech Dubrow's website includes an online book on spiritual ascent according to Jewish kabbalistic principles.
Kabbalah Toons From the Jewish Infinity blog. A A zany yet accurate video cartoon presentation of some major themes in Jewish mysticism. (Click on "Watch this episode".) Powered by the mind-soul of Tzvi Freeman.

C. Chabad Chasidut

Chabad Online Comprehensive Chabad site and one of the largest Jewish learning sites on the internet, featuring daily and weekly study materials, opportunity to ask a rabbi your questions, information about Chabad, the Rebbe and the Rebbe's place of burial, and free subscriptions to a variety of Torah learning.
Tanya Online Virtual Tanya lessons! a nicely formatted Hebrew / English Tanya text with explanations, with the option of audio clips (English) of Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasniaski’s elaborations. Or one can download the entire lesson (English) as an audio clip.
Think Jewish RealAudio Torah classes from Chabad. Lots of information and current articles on the coming of Moshiach, people who may be remnants of the lost tribes, and interactive tour of the Holy Temple and more.
Manis Freidman Jewish teachings for women by world renowned educator Rabbi Manis Freidman, online articles and a catalog of books and tapes.
Algemeiner The Algemeiner Journal site features the exciting writings of Rabbi Y. Y. Jacobson, and some of the other finest Jewish writers today.
Meaningful Life Rabbi Simon Jacobson's web site - Week in Review, World in Turmoil, Israel in Crisis, the Wednesday Night Class on tapes, books, ask the rabbi and more.
Lubavitcher Rebbe All about the great Jewish leader of the 20th century and his teachings as a guide toward a fulfilled Jewish life.
Ohr Temimim Parsha insights from popular teacher, storyteller and musician, R. Tuvia Bolton, built around an amazing, well-told story.
Letter in the Torah Learn how kosher Torah scrolls are produced and inscribed, and buy a letter in a sefer Torah.
Farbrengen Online version of the popular quarterly magazine from Chabad, featuring contemporary articles, essays and artwork by a variety Jewish celebrities in their fields.
Tanya Aids An index and glossary for the book"Lessons in Tanya," a line-by-line explanation of the chasidic classic.

D. Other Chasidut

Baal Shem Tov Official website of the Baal Shem Tov Foundation - information on the Besht : who was he? what did he teach? Includes weekly stories.
Bretzlov World Offers insights on Jewish Spirituality from the wellsprings of Breslov Chassidus, and from many other sources on a wide variety of subjects as well. Admirably eclectic.
Modzitz Chassidut Chassidut rich in music - at their unusual website you can hear many songs online composed by the rebbes and their chassidim and also order cassette tapes. An amateur site offering background information on a variety of Chassidic groups and their rebbes, many stories of the Rebbes, commentary on Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers) and a glossary of Yiddish and Hebrew terms.
Bat Ayin A few translations from the remarkable work of Rabbi Araham Dov Auerbach of Avritch, a leading 19th century chasidic rebbe in Tsfat.
Lazer Beams The most popular chasidic blog on the web. Brezlav oriented. Interesting insights into many areas of life.

E. Stories of the Chasidim/Kabbalists/Sages

Ascent of Safed Up to weekly story #536 (as of Feb 29, 2008) and still going strong. As told by acclaimed storyteller Yerachmiel Tilles at Ascent every Saturday night.
Ohr Temimim Parsha insights from popular teacher, storyteller and musician, R. Tuvia Bolton, built around an amazing, well-told story.
Haichal Nagina Real stories for major chasidic rebbe yahrzeits, but primarily the best Jewish music blog on the web.
The Baal Shem Tov Official website of the Baal Shem Tov Foundation - information on the Besht : who was he? what did he teach? Includes weekly stories.

F. Other Jewish Studies

AskMoses Everything you ever wanted to know about Judaism but were afraid (or didn't know who) to ask. Rabbis and Jewish scholars answer your questions in real time, 24/6, in complete confidentiality.
Jnet JNet has volunteers ready to learn any topic, any time, any place. Online Torah library and abundant links and reviews.
R. Jonathan Sacks Brilliant weekly insights from the current chief rabbi of England
Shma Yisrael Torah Network Lots of online Torah learning, discussion boards, communities of teachers and scholars, a women's group, a smicha program and more.
A Still Small Voice Sarah Schneider's online correspondence course in Jewish life, mysticism and learning.
Ohr Chadash Audio classes with Avraham Aryeh Trugman, an advanced gematria search program, and other interesting features.
B'or haTorah Science, art, math and philosophy illuminated with the light of Torah in an online e-zine.
Laibl Wolf For seekers in Australia, Laibl Wolf's website offers a free chat room, Ask Laibl and Ask Leah columns, and inspirational tips for meditation and daily living.
Orot Beautiful website with many explications of the deep and mystical Torah of Rav Kook, contemporary articles, book reviews and online ordering.
There is One Gutman (Gil") Locks' website includes a movie explaining the concepts of Lights and Vessels, discussions on spiritual perspectives in text and streaming audio, and some really cool videos of him in action at the Western Wall.
Chadish Media Teaching yourself Judaism: Books,CDs,Tapes,emailed MP3s and much more.
Lekach Tov A free computer program to learn Biblical Hebrew
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Bar/Bat Mitzvah arrangements at the Western Wall with related activities in Old City Jerusalem (see ad below)

G. General Jewish Interest

Jewish Impact Films Very cool. Some of the films are quite amusing as well as meaningful.
Kaluach Online Hebrew calendar, and smooth conversion to and from Gregorian dates.
Arutz Sheva The news station forced to move to the web when their radio broadcasts were banned. This English site includes a lot of good information for English speakers currently in Israel or thinking to visit or move here.
Birthright-Mayanot It could be that you are eligble for a free trip to Israel! This Mayanot is our recommended Birthright-Taglit provider
Jewish Rockabilly Check out this hit by the Tennessee Jukebox Rockabilly Band: Hashem is gonna do it again
Aliyah & "Matrix" A Zionist Matrix parody. Cute.
Jonah Website of the non-profit international organization dedicated to educating the world-wide Jewish community about the prevention, intervention, and healing of the underlying issues causing same-sex attractions. If you know someone who desires help, or if you just want to know where orthodox Judaism stands on this issue, this website is the place to start.
Zoo Torah Fun stuff! Torah education through wildlife and wildlife education through Torah - Gam Zoo l'Tovah!
Kabbala Art of Boruch Nachshon Gallery of pictographic paintings by the famous pioneer and chassidic artist living in the hills of Hebron, Israel.
Kabbala Art of Eliyah Succot Acrylic paintings on kabbalistic themes.
Kabbala Art of Yael & Dov Lederberg Two different styles of mystical art from husband and wife.
Israel Weather A detailed weather map from the government meterologists
Israel bus schedules Includes buses to Tsfat from Jerusalem (#982), Tel Aviv (#846), Bnai Brak (#980), Haifa/Acco (#361), Tiberias and Kiryat Shemona (#501).
Israel train schedule Nearest station to Tsfat is Acco
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Bar/Bat Mitzvah arrangements at the Western Wall with related activities in Old City Jerusalem (see ad below)

H. Link Exchanges


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Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall with related activities in Old City Jerusalem,

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