Weekly Reading Insights

Chabad Masters Archives

A series of chasidic discourses on the Torah Reading of the week

selected, translated and annotated

specially for Ascent-of-Safed and for KabbalaOnline.org by

Rabbi Yosef Marcus of San Mateo, California


Bereishit ("Genesis")

Shmot ("Exodus")

Vayikra ("Leviticus")

Bamidbar ("Numbers")

Devarim ("Deuteronomy")

Bereishit "Adam's Sin"Shmot
"A Mouth to Man?"
Vayikra "Salt and Kabbala"Bemidbar "Heads and Skulls"Devarim:
"Layered Critique"
"The Tower"
"Staff and Snakes"
Tzav "Refinement of the Refined"Naso "Deserts and Beams"Vaetchanan:
Lech Lecha "From Avram to Avraham"Bo
Shemini "The Great Fish and the Wild Bull"Beha'alotcha "The Seven Branches"Ekev:
"Dew Course"
"Empty Vessels"
"Land and Sea"
Tazria: "The Holy Leper"Shelach "Misguided Scouts"Re'eh:
Chayei Sara "Trembling Joy" Yitro
"Selecting Judges"
"Holy Leper"
Korach "Almonds and Roadblocks"Shoftim:
Toledot "Darkness revisited" Mishpatim "These are the laws"Acharei Mot "Outer Body Experience"Chukat "Satan means Well"Ki Titze
"Captive Souls"
VaYetzei "Daughters of Lavan"Trumah "The Mitzvah of Building the Temple"KedoshimBalak
"One Eye"
Ki Tavo
"On Language"
VaYishlach "Cosmic rendezvous" Tetsaveh-Zachor "Erasing Amalek" Emor "Love, Awe, Mercy"Pinchas "The Significance of Sheep"Netzavim
"A World of Kindness"
VaYeshev "Silent Bundles"Ki Tisa
"The Golden Calf"
Miketz "Dreams and Circles"Vayakhel Bechukotai "Holy Baker"Massai
"Desert Travels"
Rosh Hashana
VaYigash "Yehuda's Approach" Pekudei
"Divine Farewell"
  Ha'azinu "The Waters of the Talmud"
VaYechi "Yehuda"   Sukkot
    Vezot "Mystic Math"

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