"Left Wing and Right Wing Agree!"


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>The following is a translation of a letter written in the Online Forum of one of Israel's major newspapers, Maariv, by a female reader named Rachel. The letter was in response the major online headline, "The Bodies of the Six Soldiers that Died Yesterday in Gaza were Identified."

>This letter may be one of the most popular letters ever written in that widely read forum, receiving unanimous and unequivocal support from all readers, left and right wingers. According to them "it hit the spot, the right nerve, and expressed their feelings precisely." In response to some Maariv Online Forum suggestions that someone forward this letter to the world media, I took it upon myself to translate and forward the letter. Any errors in the translation are of my own fault and may be corrected.

>At the end of the online article under the section titled "response to the article" is response letter #19. Click on the following to take you to the exact site http://www.maariv.co.il/channels/1/ART/710/123.html

>19. "A Letter to our Arab Enemies and Israeli-Arabs

>Now we know for sure who you are. I want to attempt to define this in words so that you, too, will know and read who you are. You are human-animals. You kill your wives on the grounds of violating the family honor. You commit acts of blood vengeance. With happiness, you send your children to blow up [and extinguish] like flames.

>You may be educated, but you use this learning to blow up planes filled up with innocent people. You cut off heads. Who cuts off heads? Only you. You did this to Daniel Pearl. You did it to Nick Berg. You did it to our soldiers. I do not wish to have any contact with you. No peace. No war. No cooperation. Nothing.

>I do not have faith in any one of your people. Declare that I am generalizing and that there are also good Arabs. So why won't the Arab members in the Knesset [Israeli parliament], the representatives of Israeli-Arab citizens, come out with a unified declaration to return the body parts of our dear soldiers? After all, are not these soldiers supposed to be theirs as well, of the Arab members of the Knesset?! Why do the Arab members of the Knesset always hide behind criticism about Israel and Israelis and do not say the truth regarding their own people? Why do they remain silent in this display of barbarism that we view in the morning news?

>The defined territory is the State of Israel was of less importance to me until now. You want this piece of land or another? Take it. Live your lives and let us live. As of today, I do not think that you are fighting over the definition of territory. All the territories we will give up will not suffice for you. You are blood thirsty. And so, I do not want you also in Israel. Get out of our lives.

>Why doesn't the Israeli-Arab citizen protest this display of horror. Why does he feel in partnership and a mutual identity with his fellow people who behave as human-animals? Why aren't there huge street protests of Israeli-Arabs against this cannibalism? What moves you people to align yourselves with these displays of a beheaded soldier in a televised press conference?

>I see all of you, all the Arabs, as one defined unit. There is no more faith. It does not matter whether you call yourselves Palestinians, Israeli-Arabs or any other kind of Arab. Get out of our lives. Today I think like [right-wing Knesset member] Avigdor Lieberman. This here is not an expression of a political opinion at all. You cruelty is not a political issue. This is an expression of disgust of you and your animalistic leaders. Separate from us. Go to your territories and we'll go to ours.

>I do not want you to build our homes. I do not want that you send your women to clean them. I do not want you to repair our automobiles. I do not want you to walk our streets. Live among your people. As such you will be able to maintain your silence over the violations of [the sanctity of] bodies as you wish. But do not maintain this silence as a citizen of my nation. Leave, Arabs. Leave.

>Rachel" (12 May 2004, 09:26)

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