"A Preventive Cure for Aids"

By Gutman Locks

It is interesting to see how the modern world often goes from claiming that circumcision is either a barbaric ritual imposed on infants without their permission, or to saying it is a wonderful, healthy practice.

The latest round in this argument happens to agree with this practice and has come from, of all places, deepest Africa. They are suffering greatly there from the world’s latest plague (AIDS) which is killing one person every 30 seconds! The governments are frantic trying to find a vaccine that could possible help turn the tide of this slow and painful death.

In October 2005 they announced that they have finally found a “vaccine” that will protect 65% of their males from getting this dreaded disease. They have just discovered that circumcised males have a 65% less chance of contacting the disease than do the uncircumcised!

Although we do not follow this commandment (nor any other) merely because it is a healthy thing to do, it is nice to see that the world is again changing their opinion about this ancient commandant and are even adapting it for their own well-being.


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