"Don't Worry, Mr. Bush"

by Chana Besser


The President of the US said he was worried about the survival of Israel. Tell him not to worry. Tell him that we have a G-d, and that this is a family issue, between G-d and His Jewish Children.

It's hard for him to understand because the President comes from a different religious system. In his system, there is good and there is evil. But we are Jews. And we know that all is One. The Creator of the Universe controls all evil, and uses it as His tool to bring about only Good.

It's good for America to support Israel. "Those who bless you will be blessed." It is good for their economy, for their health, for their protection from terrorism or devestating weather disasters. But tell the president he should stay out of the arena when it comes to looking for solutions. Because Our Creator has already made the solutions very clear to us.

The relationship between the Jewish people and our enemies is different from any other nation on earth. Our enemies will turn to love us when we are holy. As soon as we catch on to this, and stop trying to pretend that we only have to be good generic human beings, like the other nations of the world, peace will come.

There isn't anything the president of the US can do about it, except maybe ask the Prime Minister of Israel, the male Members of Israel's Knesset, and every Jewish male worldwide to put on tefillin. (Ditto for the other mitzvot.) He might suggest that the beautiful daughters of Israel put on a little more clothes and light Shabbas candles. (Ditto for the other mitzvot.) He might urge them, in the interests of America and all the other nations of the world, their safety from terrorism, their economy, as their fate is dependant upon the spiritual behavior of the Jews.

Other than that, there isn't anything the president of the US can do. Because he didn't stand at Mt. Sinai and we Jews did. And it seems that now is the time that Our Creator has come to collect on the promises that our Jewish souls made to Him back then.
G-d's infinite patience has seeminly worn out, not because He doesn't have any more patience -- that would make Him less than perfect, and we know His patience and His love is without limit. Simply because the time has come to move to the next spiritual level of development, and we Jews need a little nudge to catch up with the program, for our own good and for the world's good.

The whole world is focused on Israel, mostly to criticize us. Watch and see how fast that criticism and hatred turns to admiration and praise once we honor those commitments we made at Mt. Sinai. There are so many mitzvot. If you haven' before felt compelled to uphold them, and you are Jewish, which one will you choose to start today? Where will you learn how? If you know them and practice them, which one will you do more purely today, which one will you study today? The world depends on us Jews. So tell the president not to worry.

Chana Besser

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