"Purim 2009 Retrospective" - a photo essay

Pictures by Dan Posner (except where noted differently); words by Yerachmiel Tilles

August 3-6, 2008

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At the reading for English speakers, some of the listeners on the men's side,

and some on the women's side, were encouraged

by Megilah reader-jester Leibush Kaplan to stamp out Haman;

while Rabbi David Notik supervised his son reading for the Russian olim,

and R. Shaul Leiter checked Rabbi Y.Y. Veleshansky reading for the IDF soldiers--

--some of whom were paying close attention but some not,

while others were quite enthusiastic,

as were some of the Americans at the party afterwards,

while others devoted themselves to preparing Meshalach Manot,

of which this package was one final result.

Daniel Posner is a computer maven and photo journalist who recently moved to Tsfat from Crispin in the Golan. Yerachmiel Tilles is one of the founders of ASCENT, and the director of the ascent-of-safed and Kabbala Online websites.


(for all 25 photos, go to our Facebook) See other recent photos

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