Ascent has now taken over the Tel Aviv Hotel across the street. The plan is to connect the old and the new with a bridge!


There have been a number of wonderful rennovations at Ascent during the last few years. FOUR of them are especially striking.



The Caves:

Starting from crumbling rock walls and a musty dirt floor, Ascent rebuilt this space into one of the most beautiful rooms in Tsfat. Set in a separate courtyard from the main dining room and auditorium, it creates the capacity for Ascent to host two or more large groups simultaneously. Everyone who sees it raves over it.




Auditorium on the Roof:

This large yet rarely utilized space has now been paved, painted, enclosed and carpeted. It is used for concerts, Friday night sing-and-dance "Welcome Shabbat" prayers, and lectures to large audiences.




A Penthouse Suite

Two deluxe rooms on the roof with a 180 degree panorama view, thanks to the generosity of Jacquin & Gloria Bierman of Miami, Florida.




Mosaic Floors

Truly, much of our old hotel has been rennovated and upgraded, but for visitors who remember the previous look, these glorious new "old-style" floors (and lighting fixtures) is what catches their eyes first.


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