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Learning from Board and Card Games


* We may have all the letters we need, but if we lack the perception of how to use them -- they are meaningless.
* We may have a great high scoring word -- but if there is no place for it on the board -- it is irrelevant.
* It is not the length of the word, but rather the value of each letter that counts.
* The letters with the greatest potential are difficult to use, but when we find a way to use them -- they become the most valuable.
Alternatively, if they are not used, they become the greatest liability!

* One must always strive to reveal the concealed. Especially before trying to get help from above.
* The only way to increase your hand above is to work below.
* One must work on the situation dealt to them.
* As well as things may be moving, one does not know how it will truly turn out.
* One's entire success may hinge on one card that needs to be revealed. Without it, one remains stuck.
* Even if everything looks negative, the revelation of one card may change everything around.
* There are rules to follow. If one does not follow them he may appear very successful, but he has accomplished nothing.


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