From Shanghai to Safed


Originally from Texas, Matt (Mattitiyahu) Trusch (a Brad Pitt look alike, as you will soon see) is one of the few Western actors in China, appearing in films, television advertisements and plays. On summer vacation in Israel, Matt attended Ascent's 'Amuka, Valley of Love Seminar' which effected him so positively that he extended his stay in Ascent from a week to four months in order to continue his Jewish studies.

In order to express his gratitude to Ascent, he decided to create a unique present: he scripted and directed a documentary film. Approximately seven minutes long, the movie is very personal and sincere as 'Matt's Gift to Ascent' and displays the wide range and importance of Ascent's activities.

Thank you Matt!

If you would like a copy of the film (CD or VHS), write to:

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