A "Shma Yisrael" Meditation

An excerpt from Kitvei HaAri, Gate of Meditations
translated by Zecharia-Zvi ShemayimV'Aretz

Behold at the time of exile, there is no ability in Rachel (the Shechina) to ascend… Therefore, we need to surrender our lives in the sanctification of the [Divine] Name in [expressing the letter] dalet of Echad. One needs to intend [through visualization] to accept upon himself the four [numerical equivalent of the letter dalet] modes of executions of the [Torah] court [these being]: stoning, burning, decapitation, strangulation… When you surrender your life by imaging suffering these four deaths [for the sake of sanctifying G d's Name], you sanctify the [Divine] Name with all your heart and [genuinely] accept upon yourself the Yoke [of union] of the Kingdom of Heaven.


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