Ascent Staff (English Division) general contact information History of ASCENT: 1983-2017



Rabbi Shaul Y. Leiter

From Flatbush (in Israel since 1979)

Co-founder and executive director. Gives a popular class 1 /12 hours before candlelighting before each Shabbat and holiday.

With Ascent since the beginning (Sept 1, 1983)


Yerachmiel Tilles

From da Bronx (in Israel since 1978)

Co-founder, originator of the English seminars.
Currently in charge of web and print publications . Tells stories every Sat. night

during "the Meal of King David", two hours after Shabbat.

With Ascent since the beginning (Sept 1, 1983)

Mordechai "Big Mo" Siev

From Long Island (in Israel since '83)

Director of Enlish-speaking Student Activities, including daily classes. Look for him in the library.

With Ascent since 1987

Chaya-Bracha Leiter
From the Colorado mountains (in Israel since 1979)

Licensed tour and trail guide, and fluent in Tsfat and chasidic history. Also teaches a class for women in Chasidic thought every Wed. 11am.

With Ascent since the beginning (Sept 1, 1983)



Shulamit Tilles

From Westchester, NY (in Israel since 1978)

Expert in "women in the Bible" and contemporary women's issues

With Ascent since the beginning (Sept 1, 1983)

Simha Chairsky
From Paris (in Israel since 1997)

Stepped in Ascent in 1997 and changed her life around ever since.

Chief receptionist and the "matchmaker" between Ascent Shabbat guests and Tsfat families.

With Ascent since 2002

Eyal Karouchi

From Ashdod, Israel

Former silversmith, IDF paratrooper and manager for three years of a "spiritual resort" in the Far East. Gives great tours, as you can surnise from the photo

With Ascent since 2006


Amichai Cohen

Rabbi Amichai Cohen was born in Jerusalem Israel, a descendant of illustrious Sephardic kabbalists. In his ten years in Florida he was the Rabbi of the Boca Torah Center. He is a recognized expert at teaching Kabbalah to beginners, at Ascent on Thursday nights and Shabbat midday, and internationally on the Web.

With Ascent since 2012

Rabbi Moshe & Gali Moodie

From Brooklyn (he) and Belarus (she)

The delightful hosts for most of the Shabbat meals for English speakers

With Ascent since 2014 (in Israel since 2012 & 2013)













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