"A Letter from Sweden"

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 11:33:30 +0200
To: president@whitehouse.gov,vice.president@whitehouse.gov, vice.president@whitehouse.gov
From: Rabbi Alexander Namdar <rabbi.namdar@chabad.se>
Subject: Bomb Threat - It is simply a case of terrorists

Dear friends.

On Friday morning, I was out when my wife received several angry phone calls from a man speaking in Swedish with an arabic accent. Except for all the immoral statements, he mentioned many times that, G-d forbid, there was a bomb in the house and "we Palestinians will...."

We naturally called the police immediately and they also heard him saying the same when they came. They immediately called the bomb squads and evacuated the house for many hours.

The television and press came immediately on the scene and interviewed us. We mentioned to them that "funnily" in all these years, not one mosque has been damaged, no arabs have been attacked in the streets, and no arab establishment in the world (to my best knowledge) has been bomb threated.

Such things were unthinkable in Sweden just a few years ago, but now the world is not the same. It is not an issue of a nation or a race. It is simply a case of terrorists who are trying to take over the civilized world. It is the same team of people who in one country they blow up buildings with thousands of innocent people inside, in another country they blow up themselves in public places killing the masses of, again, innocent people, in another country they burn synagogues, in another country they stab and hurt innocent people and in another country they make bomb threats. They are all fighting a so called "Holy War" in the name of G-d. They want to destroy anything else but their belief. It is not a question of land for them. It is also not a question of peace. All they want is full control of the entire world, just like the crazy madman that took over Germany in 1933. The targets have always been innocent bread winners, working hard to make a living and support their families, or children or old people enjoying the Pesach Seder in Netanya...and in one instant all is taken away.

Israel is dealing only with terrorists now, just like the US in Afghanistan. Any other country would do the same. Why should Israel be different? A terrorist is a terrorist, and Israel should have the full right to protect itself from them, as long as necessary.

Wishing you lots of success,
May we all merit the real Golden Age of knowledge, tolerance, high moral values,
peace, happiness and respect with the coming of Moshiach very soon,
as predicted by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
Every additional act of goodness and kindness will help bring Moshiach Now.

All the best / Vänligaste Hälsningar / Hatzlacha Raba',

Rabbi Alexander Namdar
Director of the JCCLS - Jewish Center Chabad Lubavitch in Sweden -.
E-mail rabbi.namdar@chabad.se
Website http://www.chabad.se

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