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Sports Verses

(an Ascent original)

How do we know that the Torah recognizes baseball?

Its very first words are:

"In the big-inning"!

Where is a tennis pro mentioned in the Torah?

"...Joseph served in the court of Pharoh...."

Who played hockey in the Torah?

"Moshe raised his hand and smacked the rock with his stick." (Num. 20:11)

Where does the Torah instruct us on hoops?

"You shall take it... and you shall put it in the basket..." (Deut. 26:2)

What famous Jew was a professional soccer goalie?

(Sorry, this one works only in Hebrew)

"B'yamim hahaim, u'Mordechai yoshev b'sha'ar haMelech." (Esther 2:21)

Finally: how do we know that Sandy Koufax, the Dodgers' Hall-of-Fame pitching ace who refused to pitch the World Series opener in 1965 because it fell on Yom Kippur, is a reincarnation of a member of the tribe of Benyamin who lived nearly 3000 years ago?

The men of Benyamin numbered at that time twenty-six thousand men of the cities that drew sword, besides the inhabitants of Giv'ah who numbered seven hundred chosen men. Among all these people were seven hundred chosen men: lefthanded, each could sling stones at a hair and not miss. (Judges 20:15-16.)

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