"Ascent and the Terrorist War from Lebanon"

The Kabbalah of Preventing War

by Nechama S.G. Nadborny-Burgeman


For the sake of this discussion, let's assume that all of humanity agrees that G-d gave the Torah to the People of Israel, that Moses is a true prophet, and that all the words of the Torah are true. Let us also assume that everyone agrees that the Torah is a divine instruction for guiding all of humanity to redemption, at which time there will be an end to all suffering, whether it be war, disease or any type of human catastrophe.

Many have difficulty honoring the truth of Israel's unique spiritual role in relationship to the world - even many Jews. However, it is incumbent upon us to transcend this mental block as well as Israel's assimilated apology for being different. All we have to do is look at world history and we see that these mentalities have not brought a solution. Many civilizations (e.g. the Roman and the Greek) have risen and fallen. None have offered a lasting solution to lead humanity to peace and harmony. If it is so difficult for many of us to humble ourselves to the idea that Israel does have a separate and distinct role in alleviating world suffering and in leading world redemption, then we must consider at what price for humanity are we willing to hold on to our "liberal" ideas?

So too, at what price will Israel hold on to her false humanity of being no different than the rest of the world? If a brain surgeon insists he has the same function as a heart surgeon, is he going to argue the point while the patient dies during the debate? We're not claiming qualitative superiority, rather, recognition of a distinct function in healing humanity as we return to our true united self. Every archetypal nation is a vital organ and plays a vital function in the survival of all of humankind. It is not a question of superiority vs. inferiority, but rather complimentary differences. When we recognize this truth we have a chance to establish harmony and well being for all of humankind.

G-d never planned for Israel to be like other nations. "You are a nation of priests". (Ex. 19:6) However, as a political entity with a human army, we are often regarded as many of Israel erroneously regard ourselves, as being a nation like other nations. Even so, G-d's miraculous protection of us in our land is still apparent. Yet we are still challenged, for the sake of our survival, to define and live our unique, intended role as a holy "nation of priests". Priests have congregations. Israel, as "priests", has a specific role to play in relation to the congregation of humanity.

The claim of Israel's separate and distinct role arouses the fear of racism. This is a valid fear. However the ingathering of Israel's exiles reaches out to all nations and races. Since individuals who wish to convert and join the Jewish people have only certain spiritual requirements to fulfill, their country of origin and skin color are totally irrelevant.
" All of humanity shares their source in the collective soul of Adam and Eve...."

The congregation of humanity is one collective whole whose shared collective unity is declared in the teachings of the Kabbala. The Arizal explains that all of humanity shares their source in the collective soul of Adam and Eve, the first human couple. What is Israel's distinction really about? What is the mission of those souls who identify directly with Israel?

As we individually connect with the source of our soul, we will re-experience our essential oneness-the consciousness we all shared in the Garden of Eden. In the very life-pulse of our hearts, we yearn for the primal closeness and intimacy. It is our passion to experience this oneness, and live according to this consciousness that will bring the final redemption. In this consciousness, we find ourselves of reflections of one another.

However, we are struggling with the consciousness of "Adam Beliy'al", the pre-shadow psyche that was formed in the World of Tohu, the world that was created before ours. This primitive consciousness does not grasp the reality of a Creator and our responsibility as created beings in relationship to each other and our Creator.

The Arizal explains that the moment Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the united soul of Adam and Eve splintered and shattered. The resulting sparks intermingled with Adam Beliy'al. From head to toe, billions of sparks of the soul of Adam and Eve became enmeshed in the parallel limbs of Adam Beliy'al.

This cosmic drama is the source of humanity's experience of exile, pain and suffering.

Adam's unified consciousness was transformed into the kaleidoscopic consciousness of the seventy archetypal nations. Humanity's collective soul thus became enclothed in all of the varieties of cultural skins.

When Adam and Eve gave birth to sons and daughters, the elements of their soul that expressed the original light, a consciousness which embraced their Creator and their obedience to His Will, were extracted from the elements of their soul that retained the potential to express that light but did not recognize the existence of the Creator.

Their descendants embodied either the original light elements of their soul or more opaque elements. This process of soul clarification continued 20 generations until Abraham was the first to actualize this latent soul potential by deliberately discovering the one G-d hidden in reality. Through his descendants, the line of Israel emerges. The seed of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Rachel, Leah, Bilha and Zilpa became the inheritors of the consciousness of one Creator. In addition Abraham and Sarah created the souls of converts when they engaged in marital relationships but did not actually conceive children. These souls were born into the world's cultures and are challenged with a unique path to discover their source.

Seventy souls, descendants of the line of Israel, descended to Egypt. Six hundred thousand were redeemed and brought to Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah. The Torah guides Israel and ultimately all of humanity in the process of reparation and return, to a level even higher than that of the Garden of Eden.

The Arizal explains that just as Adam had 365 sinews and 248 limbs (total 613), each paralleling a corresponding spiritual limb. The same was true of Adam Beliy'al. Israel's intimate relationship with the Creator is consummated through living according to Divine will as manifested through the 613 Divine commandments of the Torah (248 positive commandments and 365 negative), each organically rooted in the 248 limbs and 365 sinews of Adam.

There are commandments that are specific to men, to women, to those who live in the Land of Israel, to the priestly tribe and to the time of the Third Temple. As we fulfill the commandments that relate specifically to each one of us, we enliven ourselves and all of humanity. In essence we are reclaiming Adam and Eve's consciousness from that of Adam Beliy'al.

In essence, by keeping the commandments we are transforming and restoring consciousness. However, it is not always easy to grasp the metaphysical effects that each mitzvah has. The mitzvot of the Torah are Israel's instructions for picking up the pieces of our one collective soul that shattered and fell from the Garden. Israel has been assigned the task to study, guard, teach and perform these commandments. The rest of humankind has been commanded to keep the seven mitzvot of the Children of Noah (Bnei Noach) in addition to discovering their unique contribution to redemption. Through the teachings of the Kabbala, all of the details of the mitzvot are appreciated and understood as being an essential part of the process of transforming reality to its perfected state. Only in this way can our unity and harmony be restored peacefully. If we do not consciously participate in this process we fall into the prophetic warnings of war and suffering.

If we do not make the connection between the spiritual teachings of the Kabbala and the physical performance of the mitzvoth, G-d forbid, we either have lights without vessels (i.e. study without doing) or vessels without light (doing without the proper intentions of making unifications between the Upper Worlds and the Lower World). Israel's unique role as "a nation of priests" is to transform physicality so that it may return to the original situation of "form expressing essence" ? "body expressing soul". Separation and disparity cease to exist as we transform to a lasting state of unity and harmony with each other and with our One Creator.

May our enemies, within and without, who are distracting Israel from fully carrying out her unique role, become supporters of this priestly process of transformation. May all of Israel who understand and value the 613 commandments, return home and light the path for others.

[Nechama S.G. Nadborny-Burgeman, www.NechamaSarahGila.com, is the author of The Twelve Dimensions of Israel, and of Israel and the Seventy Dimensions of the World – a Kabbalistic approach to an Enduring World Peace – from which all quotes in this essay are taken]

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