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From Mouth to Mouth

From the Zohar, Balak 209

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Rabbi Aba asked a difficult question. It is written: "And the earth opened her mouth" (Num. 16:32) and it is written [in the episode of Bilaam's donkey in next week's Reading]: "And G-d opened the mouth of the ass." Why the difference between the earth and the ass? Why is it not written that 'G-d opened the mouth of the earth'?

It is only that there, it was Moses' decree that the earth needs to open her mouth. And the earth performed the command of Moses by opening. It is not proper that G-d should carry out an instruction commanded by Moses, seeing that Moses has decreed and instructed: "And the earth opens her mouth". (Ibid. 16:30) Hence, it performed the command, as written: "And the earth opened her mouth." However, here [concerning Balaam], there was no one who had decreed that it was only the wish of the Holy One, blessed be He. Since that was His desire, it is written: "And G-d opened the mouth of the ass." It originated with him and through him, it occurred.

BeRahamim LeHayyim (Rachmiel-Hayyim Drizen) commentary:

"And the earth opened her mouth"Korach used the power of speech not for holy purposes. The Midrash says he offered hypothetical questions to Moses:
why an all-blue tallit needs a single additional thread of blue, or (2) why a house full of holy writings needs a Mezuzah containing a sacred writing on its doorpost.

Korach's desire for illusory greatness, emerging out of his disappointment in his lot in life, "took him over" and caused him to play a dangerous game with G-d's appointed leadership. His punishment was therefore 'mida-kineged-mida', tit for tat, just desserts. His main weapon was his mouth, and he was punished by The Mouth.

There is a Korach-complex inside all of us, as there is a Moses, a Aaron, as well as 250 sub-personalities needing a self-sense of being above the rest, broken shards of human beings competing to be invited to the important gatherings, fragmented pieces of the self valuing fame and reputation above humility and integrity.

May we seek connection over greatness and inner strength over external material manifestation. Amen



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